CPI SPORTS manufacture folding furniture and camping goods.
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Camp Planner Int'l Co.

Camp Planner International(CPI) is a leading manufacturer of folding furniture and camping goods. Our history and experience as a reliable and quality source for camping goods,both licensed and generic,make us an excellent long-term licensing partner.

CPI is a market leader in developing premium lines of licensed camping goods. Each product line that we create is tailored to meet the needs of all accessible retail segments and formats. The product assortments that we create are representative of the quality,history,and market presences top licensed properties have earned and deserve.

Our History

Camp Planner international Co.LTD.(CPI or CPI Sports) is a leading,vertically integrated factory specializing in camping furniture,bags and aluminum patio furniture. As one of the largest camping product manufacturers in the ZheJiang province our selection of camping chairs, lounges, cots, backpacks, cooler bags, gazebos and canopies is unparalleled. Expert craftsman and a state of the art automated spray finish line ensure our camping and patio items are of the best quality.

CPI Manufacturing Expertise

-Highly competitive pricing, quality products and exceptional client service.

-Price and quality advantages on commodity items, private label, generic, and licensed products.

-Core items: camping furniture, quad chairs, gazebos, portable beds, hammocks, sport bags, backpacks and cooler bags.

-Established history manufacturing for leding worldwide retailers, OEMs, and licensees since 1995.

CPI Corporate Profile

-Privately owned manufacturer focusing on outdoor furniture, packs, and camping accessories

-Vertically integrated manufacturing: cold rolled steel, cast aluminum, blow molding, injection molding, key fabrics from the fiber.

-Manufacturing, design and development for all categories of ptoduct.

CPI Factory Resources

-The main CPI factory boasts 1,000,000 sqft of manufacturing and is located in WuYi, China just outside of HangZhou.

-This factory houses the largest state of the are powder coating line in the ZheJiang Province.

-The CPI dedicated Cut and Sew factory offers a wide range of abilities. Basic day packs and camp chairs to technical mountaineering packs are all manufactured in-house under our direct control.